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Open Mission

Summary: The fall of Yavin IV has brought about the capture of 5 military soldiers of the Republic who have high level access to sensitive intelligence. This elite Special Forces division was last heard defending freighters during the evacuation. Information gathered from The Shield organization's top agents have uncovered vivid details of a ship on the outskirts of the planet which has the highest probability of containing these Special Operations personnel. Recovering them is our top priority.
Mission: Breach the medium-class star ship and secure military personnel. Attempt to commandeer the vessel.
Risk Assessment: The starship has been reviewed by intellegence SATS, and is concluded to be a heavily equipped warship. Moderate star fighter loadout is suspected, as well as a substantial crew population. Intelligence reports that the possibility of the Sith being onboard is high. This is a high-risk operation that requires a prestine level of tact.
Jedi Objective: Infiltrate the ship and locate Sergeant First Class Malesyn and the 4 Republic Soldiers under his lead. Operatives of the Shield are granting clearance to find and take down the Captain of the ship, preferably alive.
Sith Objective: Defend against the intruding rebels. Evidence of their attack confirms Malesyn has important information vital to the location of the Republic's most recent base of operations. Protect the hostages at all costs. And eliminate or escape from the wave of Republic forces.
SIDE NOTES: The ship in question operates at the behest of the Emperor's Imperial fleet. Granting access to any Sith who is tasked to be onboard. (concluding that it should not be hard to have your OC on board ).
The RP will begin on June 6th, 2011 at approximately 2200 U.S. EastCoast Time.

Anyone wishing to participate can simply show at the time specified. Note that this is a Side plot based on progression of my own accord, and does not necessarily effect the main plot established by the room. This is an opportunity for me to expand on some things I've wanted to expand on as well as test the idea of having members set up open missions. I hope to see those who are interested Saturday! :)

Any questions you can note me.
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